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Chris decided he wanted a career in the psychology field at about the same time he first became involved in music.   His continued pursuit of these dual interests is reflected in his college career.


  Chris attended Brevard Community College on a vocal music scholarship.   He sang with the BCC Concert Choir and performed with the Madrigal Singers, a choral ensemble group.   After a couple of side trips, one to L.A. with Scott, where they hoped to become rock stars, and a move to Maryland to live with his brother Thane, (to  attend Junior College, but really to be close to Kate), he graduated from BCC with an Associate in Arts degree.  


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Chris went on to the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in December of 1998.  

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While at UCF, Chris, Scott and Tony, who had started a rock band while in high school, began playing as "the denizens" in clubs around the Orlando area.  Chris also started working in his chosen field of Behavioral Psychology.   

The following memoriam to Chris has been placed in the UCF Alumni magazine Pegasus, at page 33 of the Jan - Feb 2004 edition.