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Chris Rice                  Vocals and Guitar

 Scott Mabry              Vocals and Guitar

 Greg Carrillo            Vocals

Josh DeMarcantonio   Bass

Rob Columbus             Drums




In the early - 1990s, Chris Rice and Scott Mabry formed a band (the original denizens) for a high School talent show.  After being well received and playing around  Orlando, FL, the two decided to move out to Los Angeles, CA, to become a part of the L.A. music scene.  (Read Rock Stars) They found out that the L.A. music scene of the mid-1990's wasn't for them, and were soon back in Orlando forming a new band-- the denizens...

When the denizens played a show at the Hard Rock Cafe' in Orlando, Rob, Greg, and Josh saw the band and quickly became fans.  The three, who are lifelong friends since preschool, formed their own band and soon found themselves opening with their new friends the denizens.  Each band split up in 1999, only for the five to form the new lineup of the denizens in 2001 and made a six song demo CD.   

Original denizens                    denizens the UCF days            

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the denizens

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