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Guys and Dolls


In the summer between Chris' sophomore and junior years of high school he participated in the Summer Fine Arts Theater Workshop production of Guys and Dolls. 

Guys and Dolls is a musical fable of Broadway based on the stories of Damon Runyon. 

Chris had a starring role as Sky Masterson (otherwise referred to as Batt Masterson by Sonny).   He sang a number of duets with Robin Fontaine, Sister Sarah, and did a show stopping solo performance of "Luck be a Lady". 

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The Cast


Chris Rice         as         Sky Masterson

Perry Albrico     as         Nathan Detriot

Robin Fontaine      as      Sister Sarah Brown

Tara Mapstone      as      Miss Adelaide

                                                                Danny Fuentes           

                                                                Robert Fisher         

                                                                Michael Mangonon     

                                                                Gregory Schaefer         

                                                                Peter Petralia             

                                                                Sean Irvin                    

                                                                Chantil Fultz                     

                                                                Brian Armstrong       

                                                                Renato Carvalho        

                                                                Matt Davitt                  

                                                                Michael Leonard