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Chris loved people.  It was no surprise that his career choice would be psychology.  It would seem that he was destined to work with people in need, and much of his life was devoted to helping others.  Chris had the ability to transfer his zeal for life, as well as his sense of humor, to his colleagues as well as his clients.         

He began working at Threshold while he was attending the University of Central Florida.  It was here that he and Tracy met.  His first job was as a behavioral tech, doing hands on work with individuals who had behavioral disorders.  Prior to leaving Threshold, Chris was the promoted to manager of the "Children's Cottage".  He moved on to Quest Kids where he worked with his mentor, Dr Eb Blakley.






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Chris loved his work at Quest because he worked only with children, many of whom were autistic.  At Quest, under Dr Blakley's supervision and guidance, Chris actually began working as a behavioral analyst.  He also began to do private behavioral counseling.  Parents, some who lived as far away as Jacksonville, hired Chris to work with their autistic children.



Chris next worked at Lakeside, a state facility in Eatonville under the supervision of the Department of Children and Family.  Chris was the activities director and spent most of his time working with troubled children.  (It was here that Zoie entered his life.)

When Chris left Lakeside he took a position with CFCI.  During this time Chris and Tracy decided to enter the Florida Behavior Analysis Certification Program.  They both completed the program and passed the Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (CABA) examination.  As a CABA, Chris was promoted and put in charge of one of the workshops at CFCI, where he worked with handicapped adults and older children.

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The following are letters sent to Chris' mom after his death.

To the family of Christopher,

I had the privilege of supervising Chris at CFCI for over a year.  He truly had a gift of working with the disabled individuals we served.  I found some pictures of our Christmas party last year that I thought you would like to have.  It really captured his love of our residents and the work he had committed himself to.  I considered Chris a good friend more than a co-worker.  Although we all were sad to see him leave CFCI, we knew he was working towards a longtime dream.  He was so excited about his music.  I can remember several occasions when he came into my office with one of his CDís and proudly played his songs.  I was so amazed at how talented he was.  I canít believe he is no longer with us, but I know he has found peace and happiness with God, something we canít even begin to imagine.  I pray that you and your family will also find peace.


 Debbie Womack


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Dear Mrs Witt,

         I am heart fully sorry for your loss of Chris.  He will be missed by all those who knew him.  Chris touched many people in many ways.  I have only known Chris for 18 months and he was wonderful to work with -  his dedication, empathy and skills were admirable.  

After long days at work he would often speak of wanting to sail with  you to relax.  He spoke fully of his childhood and his admiration of you as a mom and professional.  

There is no way I can help with your grief but Chris lives in the hearts of manyó100ís of clients and dozens of colleagues.  Please take strength from knowing this.  He is in our prayers


 Donna Strickland