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Remembering Chris


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Beyond the Sun

Remembering Chris

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February 9th, your birthday.  We visited the site and put a dozen red roses in a small basket and placed them near the marker.  While we were there, the gentleman who lives across the road came over to visit.  He remembered your accident and had very kind and reassuring words for us.  He brings water to the tree and allows us to use his outside faucet when we need to get water.  The tree doesn’t need much water now that it is about ten feet tall.  We stayed for a while alone and each of us had private conversations with you. 

After leaving, we followed the usual process by stopping for a bite at the Krystal, in your honor (we know you appreciate the significance of that).  I passed out some Chris Cards at the there and during dinner we held hands and shared some smiles and laughed out loud a couple of  remembering the fun and funny things that happened when you were with us.   Happy Birthday Chris, 29 forever.....sw/2-16-2007


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Mothers Day

   May 11 

Chris, I'm sure that you have noticed that there are no words on your web site from your mother's visit on Mother's Day.  I watched her that day and didn't like what I saw.  Most of all I just don't know what to do about it.  She was so down and hurt and very disillusioned that day and for a number of days after.   She was counting on a connection that has been broken.  As your mom and I talked then and since, I learned that you told her in the Spring of 2002, on Mother's Day actually, that some people will say or do almost anything to ultimately get what they want, and that some, even those you believe you share a "forever" bond with, will turn on you.  As you know, It really hurts when you think someone is really close and will always be around to talk, and then cuts you off. I can only imagine how it hurt your Mom to be shut out like that, especially after putting aside her own pain to be there for someone.  You warned your mom about that.  She didn't want to believe it, and neither did I.  Now I do.  I just removed a phone number from my list.  Cried.  Chris we have talked about this over the past year while I am driving to and from work.  Thanks once again for listening and putting up with me.  I waited way to long before posting this...sw/8-05-2008


Mothers Day...

Another day to remember the last one...  when we visited with Dee Dee and then went for an evening sail.  Another day missing you.

We love you forever... 


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September 6 

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December 20

Chris on our way to the mountains we stopped by to spend some time and place the Christmas wreath under your tree.  The tree has really grown and needs some trimming.  Miss Gracie blue joined us and it is her first trip on the long road.  

We have a new side walk installed.  A young man spoke with us and we learned that he and his boss had made sure that the sidewalk and their work did not disturb your tree.  His name is Juan and was very nice to us.  He even played a bit with Gracie blue.  

Chris you already know that Sophie is not with us on this trip, she will spend Christmas with you...sw/1-05-2009  

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