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Remembering Chris


Beyond the Sun       

Beyond the Sun

Remembering Chris

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February 9th, your birthday.  We visited the site and placed red roses near the marker.   We saw that others had been there and left a wreath and a single rose.   While we were there two people stopped to visit.  One, an older gentleman, shared the story of the loss of his daughter.  He had very kind and reassuring words for us.  The other, a young man, told us the he had visited the site before and expressed his condolences.   

Afterwards, we drove to Lakeside children's unit in Eatonville, where Chris was the Activities Director prior to moving to CFCI.   We wanted to give the kids a Nintendo and some games.   While we were there, we met several people who had worked with Chris.  They remembered him as a wonderful person who was great with the children.  We also left several copies of the 3ae and denizens CDs with them.     

Later that evening we met Tracy and Diana for dinner where we shared memories of Chris, his music, his life and his loves.  Afterwards the drive home was a bit longer and quieter.  S.W.  2/15/04 

February 9th

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In Memoriam guest book.


May 9th



May 9th, Mothers Day.  We brought red and white roses and placed them here at this place that is at once both sorrowful and yet some how comforting.       

Although we spent some time cleaning the area, it was amazingly clean and neat.  We brought a new plaque to replace the old one that had faded.  The little red knife was put to good use.  Several people stopped to talk and offered their good wishes.   

We made it to Mirage late and got the sails up just after sunset.  



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June 18th  


We visited this evening.  While cleaning up and putting some flowers here for you, we found this note.  It expresses far better than I ever could how much you are loved and missed.  God bless the person who left the note, and thank you. SW. 6/19/04



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September 12th 


Although our thoughts were with you, we could not be at the accident site on the 6th.  Hurricane Frances had us pinned down at home.  The wind blew almost as hard as it did the day you helped tie up Reflection during the storm on the Potomac, when you were just ten years old.  Your mom lit a candle at the memorial, as she does every night.  When she went to the memorial at 2:30 that morning, the candle went out.   

We did make it over on September 12th and found the site in some disrepair.  We replaced the plaque, cleaned up a bit, and repositioned the cherub.  Tracy met us and brought a beautiful white rose to go with the two red roses that your mom brought.  We all hugged and I realized just how much I miss you.  S.W.  9/12/04 



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November 7th

We were very upset to find that the little cherub that had been a part of the site for so long was damaged during hurricane Frances.  When we visited after hurricane Jeanne, we were saddened to see that it had been completely blown away.  

After several weeks of searching, today we are happy to place a new cherub here.  We like it very much, and hope you do.  S.W.  11/22/04 


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December 12th

The little Cherub still stands guard.  That's what Cherubs do.   The wreath was ruined during the hurricanes, so we placed a new one in front of your plaque.   Several people stopped to visit and let us know that they stop here often.   One gentleman told us, as he watched us decorate the little tree, that he stops here almost every day.   

We stayed for a while, knowing it would be our last visit this year.  The following week we left to spend Christmas in the mountains -- You were there too - in our hearts.  S.W. 1/04/05 


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In Memoriam guest book.