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Remembering Chris

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Seven birthdays..  

It just does not seem possible that seven birthdays have now passed.  Chris, they say that time cures all wounds, they are wrong, this heartache will never go away.  We miss you so much...sw/2-11-2009


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   May 10

Seven Mothers Days 

No matter how much time may pass... a mother's grief, for a child lost, is never ending.  A grief endured in silence with tears, thoughts of what went wrong and the unending ache of a broken heart that cannot be mended.   All endured with a strength that few people can understand and hopefully most will never experience. sw/5-12-2009


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September 6

The tree has been trimmed and looks great.   We can remember when it was less than two feet tall.  It is amazing what can happen and how things may change in seven years.  

In 1982 you were living in Wichita Kansas and had just met your newest friend Sonny, and helped him plan a grand adventure.  In the next seven years, by 1989,  you had sailed the east coast of the US and settled in Florida.  By 1996, you had graduated from Eau Gallie Hi School and Brevard Community College, and were on your way to a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida.   Within the next six years you had graduated from U.C.F., received certification as a Behavior Analyst, and then, in September of 2002, just one month after signing a recording contract with RCA, you left us so suddenly.   Now seven years later, we are still struggling to understand. sw/10-26-2009   


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         December 12

Christmas is a most magical time of the year.  In early December your Mom and I put up your decorations and a Piece Banner in the tree. 

 When we stopped back by, on our way to the mountains, we found that someone had destroyed the Piece Banner.  That was hurtful.  However, we found a wonderful surprise, someone had placed a small white bunny in the tree.  

Funny how a small act of kindness can diminish the hurtful actions of others, and for us be the best of Christmas gifts.  

Chris we love and miss you so much...  

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