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Remembering Chris


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Remembering Chris

2012, 2013

Another birthday and once again we came with flowers to honor you.  Although we cannot celebrate your birthday with you we can celebrate you and all your accomplished in a life that ended much too soon.  We love you, Happy Birthday Chris.   Mom and Sonny  sw...2/08/12





February 9th



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September 6


We again visit the site of the accident that took you to a much better place.  We are here to honor you and remember how  much you have impacted our lives.  We can only imagine how many others you have influenced.  The symbolism here  is awesome.  


The tree has grown from a stubby bush into a tall beautiful tree, as you grew from the shy chubby little boy into a handsome man who was strong and loved by almost every one who met or knew you.  The plaque with the picture of you and the incredible sunset in Wisconsin from our 2002 family gathering, which would be our last...  The tiny bunny rabbit that was left with a message that only you could hear and understand.  The small nativity scene that was left by a person or persons unknown, and  symbolizes the kindness of people who never even knew you.  The Cherub that reminds us of you.  sw…9/06/12





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December  15

Chris, I am putting this entry in very late...Just do not feel well and am now seeing a good Doctor.  Heart problems.  

We came over with the tree and some decorations a bit early this time.  We headed out on Saturday the 22nd, in a loaded SUV and 4 dogs, for our yearly mountain Christmas adventure.  Well this one turned out to be a real adventure.  Your Mom had great fun putting it on FaceBook.

We got to the mountains, within a mile of the cottage and the three hounds, SOMEHOW, got a window to go down and all jumped out of the window and ran in different direction in the dark.   

Here it is about 9 pm dark, and I'm old, chasing three pups through the woods up and down mountain roads trying to get them back in the SUV.   It took about an hour to catch the critters and then get into the cottage.  Was not funny.  There was a lesson there but not sure it understand it.  You must have had a good laugh watching it all take place.  Miss you. 





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