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Remembering Chris

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Eight birthdays..  

You would, and should, have been 37 today.  Sadly, you will always be 29, and that is the way we remember you.  Happy birthday.  We are thankful for the time we had with you, however short...   sw/2-15-2010


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In Memoriam guest book.


   May 9

Mothers Days 

As you know, we spent time here today and put a dozen roses beside your picture.  Mom said the roses were beautiful, just like you.  After cleaning up the area we went to the boat, Beyond the Sun, as on our last mothers day, and renewed our tradition.  We love and miss you so very much...  sw/5-16-2010


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 September 6

Rain...  Seems to be appropriate.  The area seems to be fairly neat and clean.  don't have to chase down water for the roses.  We love you and miss you more then can be measured.  sw/9-7-2010

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In Memoriam guest book.