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Remembering Chris

2011, 2012, 2013


Chris, has it been nine years?  Only you would understand how we feel and how much we miss you.   Someone has left a flag for you and a couple of extra flowers..sw/2-12-2011



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May 8


It's Mothers Day and a visit with you.  The tree has grown and the city has put in a side walk..?  They or someone has done some maintenance to the site.  It almost always looks clean & neat when we visit.  We have a new puppy "Bailey" a hound and very stubborn..sw/5-10-2011


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July 4

It's the 4th of July and we came here to replace the plaque.   I had faded to some shade of pink...Oh No not pink!  Right Chris??   We brought red roses and found that someone had left silk red roses, nice...   Its hard to believe that it will soon be nine years.   Nine years.  Oh how we miss you..sw/7-07-2011

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December 13

Mom and I came to visit this evening and found a wonderful surprise.  a Nativity scene beside the tree.  To the person or persons who placed  it there... We say thank you.   Please know that your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Chris we are heading to the mountains.  We will hang your stocking over the fireplace as we always do.   And as always you will be with us. 

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