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Chris was my friend.   I met him in Wichita Kansas.  He was my neighbor and selling candy or popcorn for his school.  I bought what ever he was selling and invited him in to share the stuff with me.  He did.  We talked, he drank my soda, ate all my candy, and left.  I would buy anything he brought home to sell from his school.  It became our routine.   

Chris and I lived, just a few doors apart, in the same apartment complex, for a couple of years before I met his family.   He was a seven or eight year old, short and bumpy kid with a big smile (grin), a sharp mind, and a quick wit.  He was very proud of the fact that he was born in Alabama.   Someplace called "The Valley."  It took me several years before I learned there was really a place called Valley Alabama.  I liked him right off.  We spent many weekend days sitting in the floor of my place, playing the guitar, eating candy and just talking.   I think he figured out early that I was an easy touch....and, it didnít take me long to figure out that Chris was a very special person - very special. 


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